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To attain wholeness with meditation and psychospiritual work

Workshop with Prof. Olga Louchakova-Schwartz
“Meditations from the Heart:
Internal practices of transpersonal self-formation”

With a guest lecture by Prof. Martin Schwartz
"Zoroaster's Visionary Meditation and Language Mysticism"

February 15-16,  2014


Hridayam® method of positive psychospiritual
transformation involves the work with intentionality of consciousness, Kundalini energy and the Spiritual Heart center.

Currently, Hridayam® method is taught in the core curriculum Ph.D. Program at Sofia University, where it forms the foundation of transformative work in the program.

Student testimonials:

  • "This is the best course in the curriculum - my entire ITP experience would be much diminished without it "
  • "Wonderful. ...I was transformed significantly."
  • "This was one of my favorite classes. I learned a lot in a spectrum of ways."
  • "This class was fundamental in my overall well-being this year."
  • "She is a great teacher and helped me to grow internally in my consciousness of myself."

Tip: If you can't remember Hridayam Yoga think of yoga on Friday morning (e.g. Friday AM Yoga > Hriday-am-yoga). You never forget us :)

“Spiritual Awakening is a life-long endeavor, not a single event.  It comes in many forms and profoundly transforms every aspect of life, restoring the whole human person”

--Olga Louchakova

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